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A Night Of Cheers for KOMED 16/17

ALOR GAJAH, 21 December 2016:  A night filled with cheer as UiTM Melaka celebrates a new council for the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (FKPM) during AGM at Dewan Taming Sari.

Attended by Dr Rani Diana Othman, Deputy Rector of UiTM Melaka, Mr. Muhamad Hanapi Khamis, KPP FKPM, over 1000 students and about 48 lecturers 

The FKPM community came together to celebrate the new organisational line of KOMED and strengthen the bonds between the seniors and juniors.

The night started with speeches by the club advisor, Mr. Rosdi Safian, KPP FKPM and the deputy rector.

Performances by WALAWEI, KOMBAI and Dynamix got the crowd up and cheering, excited for what’s to come for the night.

The certificate giving ceremony began not long after for the former line of KOMED, as the real reason for the event was to congratulate the old and celebrate the new.

The announcements for the new line was given by Mdm. Zuliani Mohamad Azni, the new advisor for KOMED as she announced the YDP and NYDP for the 2016 and 2017 reign.

With teeth clenched and hands shaking, she announces Mai Nur Diana as the YDP, Wan Muhammad ZulAzhan as the NYDP 1 and Raja Farhana as the NYDP 2 for the years new reign, here today.

With much joy, the students clapped and cheered as their votes made a difference here today.A new reign begins today as the Faculty of Communications and Media Studies (FKPM) celebrate the announcement of their new council.


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