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Anugerah Dekan 2013

Kepada pelajar yang menerima Anugerah Dekan, sila sahkan kehadiran anda selewat-lewatnya pada hari ini di Dataran KPP3. Akan ada MT KOMED yg menjaga kaunter tersebut. Kehadiran adalah diwajibkan -Arahan KPP

PS: Mass Comm adalah tuan rumah bagi melancarkan Majlis Augerah Dekan


You are cordially invited to this merry event ! You will have so much fun there, we promise you that. Be there to be the judge of it.

There will be performances by our very own talented students from Semester 1 - Semester 6. Expect all the great foods in the month of Syawal will be served. And many more !

Have trust in us and support this event together with us and attend it, alright.

Here's the when, where and what to wear:-

Date : 19 August 2012 (Monday)
Venue : Padang Kawad
Time: 8.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Dress Code : Baju Raya (Sahsiah rupa diri)