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IID 2009 Awards

The IID 2009 (Invention, Innovation & Design) Awards was held at the Bendahara Hall UiTM Alor Gajah campus on the 13th of October 2009. The Communication and Media Studies faculty had managed to win several awards, which are of the works of students of the faculty.

Top 3 Overall Gold Award Winners:
1. Faculty of Communication & Media Studies
2. Faculty of Computer Science & Mathematics
3. Faculty of Communication& Media Studies

Video Category

1. Asmaradana [1st Place]
Gold Award; Music Video

2. Dhoby Wallah [2nd Place]
Gold Award; Documentary

3. Dara Pujaan [3rd Place]
Gold Award; Short Drama

Photography Category
1 Silver Award
2 Bronze Awards
from the Photo Gallery '09 selections

Graphics Design Category
Malaysian MotoGP 2009 Booklet
Bronze Award
-Adam Roeslani B Roslan
-Nur Azzah Bt Aziz
-Ima Aimi Nadia Bt Ibrahim
-Fatin Hanina Bt Al-Jafrey

These awards have brought about a good reputation to the Faculty of Media & Communication Studies community and the faculty would like to extend their deepest acknowledgments and appreciation to the students involved.

-MT Komed


Anonymous said…
2nd place is dhoby wallah??
bukan dara pujaan ke 2nd place??
dhoby wallah dorg announce last skali kn,if i'm not mistaken.
The list was given by Mr. Rauf to the MT Komed in this particular order, so we're pretty much certain it is correct.

Vut we'll double-check on the Video Category placing again. No worries.

-MT Komed

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