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A New Year Begins, Another Semester Starts

Salam and greetings to all.

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all Masscommites in Lendu, Malacca. May the year 2009 be a prosperous and joyous one for all of us.

The new semester has already begun. The oh-so-quiet-campus is now buzzing with life again.

To all Masscomm students, the best of luck for the new semester in your quest and pursuit of knowledge.

Now, on to a more serious note.

As stated in a previous post, it had been made clear that this blog is "created to build a platform where all Masscomites in Lendu can express constructive opinions and comments pertaining to all things Masscomm". Thus, it is highly apppreciated if readers of this blog can utilize this blog CONSTRUCTIVELY and leave appropriate comments, which MUST be accompanied by your name and class (for the semester).

However, it is dissapointing to see that there are still some who are ignorant of this. Some negative comments were found in the chat box. The blog administrators had no choice but to remove the chat box from this blog until we are assured that the requirements are met.

Thus, we hope that Masscommites, especially our beloved students, will adhere to what is needed to ensure a good and effective communication process.

May this blog be a force to unite us all.

The Blog Administrator
5th January 2009


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