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FIESTA KOMUNIKASI is an academic event that is organized by students of Semester 6, Diploma in Communication and Media Studies, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of Universiti Teknologi MARA Melaka to meet the requirements of the course COM363 – Professional Project. A fiesta is being chosen because it is believed that a fiesta could easily attract mass audiences.

With the concept of Rumah Terbuka , groups of students f...rom the 6th semester will be divided into 6 groups representing the Malays race, the Indian race, the Chinese race, the Melaka culture, the ethnics in Sarawak and the ethnics in Sabah. There will also be booths providing culture, custom and food of each races specialty.


Muhammad Azam Bin Anwar (Project Manager)

Ahmad Arafat Bin Mohamed Esah (Asst. Project Manager)

Sofia Binti Roseli (Secretary)

Iiman Binti Mohd Zaki (Food & Beverages)

Nur Farhani Binti Che Ad (Media Relations)

Nuramirah Binti Baharuddin (Media Relations 2)

Hamzah Bin Mohd Nazari (Advertising & Promotions)

Basil Safwan Bin Shafee (Treasurer)

Siti Safiah Binti Md Zainuddin (Treasurer 2)

Mohd Hilmi Bin Md Idris (Protocol)

Nurlyana Binti Roslan (Protocol 2)

Listiari Suyanto (Logistic)

Mohamed NoorHafizzuddin Bin Mohamed Razian (Logistic 2)

Hezraat Ridzuan Rusli (Special Task)


These are the following details of the event:

Date : 9th October 2010 ( saturday ) and 10th October 2010 ( Sunday )
Time : 8.00 am - 11.00 pm
Venue : Dataran Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah ( MBMB )


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