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MUFORS Road Reels: Short Film Competition for Students of Institutions of Higher Learning

"MUFORS Road Reels" is a short film competition open to students of all universities, colleges and institutions of higher learning in Malaysia with the theme "Attitudes on Roads – A Malaysian Journey".

Students of institutions of higher learning can play their part in MUFORS by speaking out and capturing through their short films attitudes on Malaysian roads (positive or negative) that will contribute to a higher level of realization that road safety is in our hands, each and every person who uses the roads in Malaysia, and that road safety or the lack of it all boils down to ATTITUDE of individuals.

Apart from playing a part in this movement, there are also fantastic cash prizes to be won both by the students and their institution of higher learning. The winner of each category stands to win RM10,000 in cash while the university or college he/she is studying in will get RM3,000.

For further information, please visit

MC 110 Coordinator


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