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1) The Effectiveness on Giving Education and Information Delivered by YAWA to the Youth
2) Film as an Element of Unity: A Case Study of Namron's Film - 'Gadoh'.
3) 1Malaysia: A Reflection of Kampong Boy.
4) Akademi Fantasia . Quantity over Quality - A Case Study


1) Media Attribution Towards Solving Society Problems: A case study of Aduan Rakyat
2) Sports As A Medium of Unity : A Case Study of Super Soccer Star Malaysia
3) Media Contribution Towards The Development of 1 Malaysia : A Case Study of The Breakfast Show


1) Controversy Creates Loyalty: A Case Study of Melodi.
2) Malaysia Airlines' Public Relations Strategies for Business Turning Plan: A Case Study of Malaysian Hospitality (MH) Campaign.
3) Societies' Dependency on Media for Social Change: A Case Study on Talian Hayat Programme
4) The Acceptance of Malaysian Multicultural Audiences towards Islamic Drama: A Case Study of NURKASIH.
5) The Understanding of an Advertising Process in Gaining Public awareness: A Case Study on Petronas Unity Advertisements by Leo Burnett.
6) The Understanding of Talkshow Program as the Medium to Voice Out Students' Opinion: A Case Study of Suara Siswa.


1) WWF - Malaysia Media Outreach: Using the Media as an Advocacy Tool
2) The Roles of Airtime and Content in Attracting Teenagers: A Case Study on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI)
3) Hits 1: The Contribution of Music Unity in Developing 1Malaysia.
4) Ahadiat Akashah: The Risk of Being a Self Publisher (Roketkertas Sdn.Bhd).
5) The Decreasing of Homeline Usage: A Case Study of Telekom Malaysia.
6) The Strength of SuriaFM and How They Sustain Their Reputation among Other Local Radio Stations


1) Dictionary Usage among Private Higher Institutions' Students (Collaboration with DBP)
2) The Perception of Malaysian University Students towards the Unity Message via Short Film through the Internet: A Case Study of 15Malaysia
3) The Contribution of Telecommunication Company in Promoting 1Malaysia: A Case Study of Celcom Communication Network.
4) Promoting Good Health through TV Commercials - A Case Study on Milo and Gardenia.


1) The Effectiveness of the theme "We Feel Good as 1Malaysia" in implementing the concept of 1Malaysia A Case Study of NTV7.
2) The Impact on Pictorial Image of Health Warning on Cigarette Boxes Towards Smokers: A Case Study on British America Tobaccos' Advertisement.
3) Print News vs Online News: A Case Study of Readers' Preferences Between New Straits Times Online and New Straits Times Newspapers.
4) The Understanding of Public Relations Campaign in Promoting Green Initiatives : A Case Study of Canon Marketing (M) Sdn.Bhd.
5) The Understanding of Road Safety Awareness Campaign: A Case Study of Malaysia Institute of Road Safety Research.


1) Image and Reputation of Radio Station Influence on Listeners' Loyalty: A Case Study of HotFM.
2) Decentralisation of ASTRO TV Channel towards Promoting National Unity.
3) Media & Technology: The Effects on News Credibility: A Case Study of Buletin Utama.
4) The Effectiveness of WWF Advertisement in Promoting Fund Raising Activity.
5)Cartoon TV Animation in Promoting National Unity: A Case Study of Upin and Ipin.
6) The Effectiveness of Media Framing Used by Bersamamu in Attracting Audience Empathy towards TV Programme.


1) A Case Study on Public Awareness of Ronald House Charities Malaysia (RHCM) towards the Less Fortunate Children.
2) The Effectiveness of MyTV3 towards TV3 Television Program Promotion.
3) The Electronic Advertising Effect towards Nestle Product: A Case Study on Maggi.
4) The Effectiveness of Print Media Strategies towards Indie Artists' Popularity (ROTTW Magazine)
5) The Effectiveness of Advertising to Influence Teenagers: A Case Study of Rakan Muda
6) A Case Study of Racism in Utusan Malaysia


1) Implementation of 1Malaysia Concept in Local Reality Program: A Case Study on Sehati Berdansa Season 3.
2) The Role of TV3 in Bringing Public Awareness towards Crime: A Case Study of 999
3) Zeal Hi-Tech (Eduwebtv): The Effectiveness of CID (Customized Information Delivery) Systems toward Digital Education Development.
4) Talent vs Popularity Among Kids: A Case Study on Idola Kecil, TV9.


1) The Roles of Dewi Remaja Competition towards the Popularity of Remaja Magazine.
2) The Roles of Finas in Improving Malaysian Movies' Quality
3) Effective Communication Strategies in Enhancing Clients' Brand Awareness: The Case Study of Go Communication Sdn.Bhd.
4) The Elements of 1Malaysia in Bernama TV toward Audiences in Klang Valley
5) The Impact of Mini Exhibition Higher Education Road Show (MEHERS) 2010, towards PLKN Students' Tertiary Education: Essence Event Management Company.


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kesilapan maklumat kot, 6K, sepatutnya 6J, group Fateha

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